Flex League

In Spring 2024, I will be running a Flex League at Eugene Swim and Tennis Club (ESTC).

1. What is a Flex League?

  • Teams (for doubles) or individuals (for singles) are placed in a round-robin group and usually play 4-5 matches over 5-weeks.

  • Players will be divided into Divisions based on their skill level (e.g., DUPR). Divisions will typically be comprised of groups of 5-6 teams to ensure level-based play. If for some reason there aren't enough teams close to your skill level, we discuss whether to roll you in with the next lower/higher group or issue a refund.

  • Players organize their weekly league matches at a time and on a court that’s convenient for both teams. In other words, in a Flex League, you have the “flexibility” to play when and where do you want to.

  • Matches can be played during any week of your Flex League season.

  • There can be Flex Leagues for singles, gendered doubles, or mixed doubles with Divisions by skill level.

  • For the Spring 2024 Flex League season (which runs from May 20 – June 21) at ESTC, the following events will be offered: (a) Men’s doubles, (b) Women’s doubles, and (c) Mixed doubles.

2. Registration.

  • Registration for the Spring 2024 season is open to ESTC members only. Future seasons may be open to non-members. The Spring 2024 season runs from May 20 – June 21.

  • When you register for a Flex League doubles, you must register with a partner. You will play all your matches with the same partner.

  • Call the ESTC front desk (541-342-4414) to register.

For all the information regarding the Flex League, click HERE.